So I finally got this one done…and well..not so happy with it. I should explain….

This is kinda my own little project while Cam and Norm work on more stories/take a break/etc. So they are not doing any of the writing…it is just kinda me (I had help with the first two from Cam and kinda went on my own) so please do bear in mind if they are kinda lacking in the writing part…I am trying my best and with this comes practice of getting  idea and kinda shaping it into something that is enjoyable to read! With that being said, while playing Animal Crossing late at night one day I got attacked by a Scorpion…they do exsist and they chase after you until they are caught or they sting you, which magically transports you to your house.


When this happened I quickly opened up inventory to check if anything was taken…they don’t but that is  kinda how I got the idea of them possibly stealing money from poor helpless people.

Thank  you guys for putting up with my Animal Crossing stories/project! There will be more and then the guys will be back to their normal writing process :D